A successful website come fare?

A successful homepage is one that encourages users to continue taking actions that guide them to finally convert. Because you only have so much time to attract and engage a first-time visitor, it’s all the reason why your homepage needs to capture user’s attention long enough to entice them to want to find out more. Below are 5 elements of a killer homepage that will move users down the funnel.

A Memorable Message

From the moment a user encounters your website, they should instantly understand what you do and the value of working with you. Your value proposition statement needs to be strong enough that it stands out from competitors, but also easy enough to understand and remember.

User-Centric Design

Every single piece of your homepage needs to reinforce the solutions you offer and the value of working with you compared to anyone else. It also needs to keep the user at the top of mind in order to keep them engaged. Many websites fall into the trap of filling up their homepage with the fanciest design trends because that’s “what’s in”. This causes a problem when users are more interested in learning about your company than seeing a distracting and uber flashy design. While it’s important to push the creative envelope, but not so much that it takes away from your brand’s value.

Easy-to-Use (and find) Navigation Menu

Once a user lands on your homepage, you want them to continue going through the relevant pages that deliver them with the information they need. If users can’t find your navigation or can’t understand how to use it, they’ll become frustrated and head back to the search engines. Like your design, your menu needs to be clean and easy to understand so it doesn’t distract them from going elsewhere.


Keep the action going by placing strategic, strong calls-to-action right on your homepage. Whether it’s to guide users to a landing page with a content offer, provide solutions with testimonials or case studies, or direct users to contact you in person, they need to speak to each stage of the buyer’s journey to keep users closer to the conversion page.

Relevant Content

Users come to your website for one reason and one reason only: to gain more information. Your homepage is a great place to put relevant, thoughtful content that can help users understand more about your company, solutions and abilities. This will help build trust and credibility with new visitors as you are able to prove all the different ways you can solve their problem.

At the end of the day, your homepage needs to offer solutions, reinforce value and provide an enjoyable and memorable experience. Be sure not to forget the little details like contact information, social sharing icons, or user-generated content if available that will help convince users to continue moving throughout the pages and convert into a client.

August 8, 2016 |